My Little Psychopath

That's it. I'm buying a collar and this time the bell stays on and Monkey doesn't go outside without it. Or Dexter, as we're considering changing his name to now. Sure, cats are sociopaths, but coming upstairs and finding feathers and blood splatter in the bathroom is creepy, because it means somewhere in the house, there is now a dead (or gravely injured) bird. It was on the floor, in the study, very dead. Poor thing. (He didn't even bother gifting it, hence why I'm underlining sociopath.)

Why is Monkey the prime suspect? Daisy has hardly ever chased so much as a fly and certainly never brought anything back with her. Elbie was outside, and he's more of a watcher. Monkey will hunt anything that moves and brought in a disturbing amount of butterflies last summer (maybe half of which I managed to save), and he loves carrying toys around in his mouth. And at the same time, he's super cute and cuddly (especially when he thinks we're about to feed him because we're in the kitchen), and had a good snooze on my lap this evening because he's adorable ... when inside the house.

It shows how different cats really are, and over the past 15 months, I've realised that Daisy's been a good and relatively "easy" first cat. We got to learn how cats behave and what they're like, she didn't catch fleas, and the clean-up jobs were restricted to hairballs and occasionally wrestling in the shower (long-haired + runny tummy = smelly cat). But then again, when you get a cat that actually has a hunting instinct, you're not really prepared for it. So yeah. Next time I get a collar, I won't get rid of the annoying bell because I really don't want to make a habit of having to clean blood off our floors, walls, ceiling, and windows, and scooping dead birds off the floor.

R.I.P. little bird. May you find a safer perch in the next life.