Annual vet visit #1

I recently took the boys to the vet for the first time, as their vaccinations were due. Both were given a clean bill of health. Despite Monkey being some 1.3 kg (!) heavier than Elbie, he still seems perfectly healthy and I wasn't given any special instructions. "There's always the one who's really keen on food," the vet said.

Elbie went first, and he kept moving around a lot, because he really didn't want to be there. (What cat does?) Vet said he looked very nice and lean ("Just wait till you see the other one!"), but then he loves to be outside and will insist on the back door being opened in the morning, and aside from coming in for a few, short breaks for food and water, he stays outside most of the day. Unsurprisingly, Elbie didn't need persuading to get back into the travel crate.

Monkey more or less had to be dragged/tipped out of his travel crate, because he really wasn't keen to meet the vet at all. He had a slightly slower heartrate, but he had had some time to adjust to the surroundings while waiting for Elbie to be checked over. While being a little squirmy on occasion, Monkey spent most of the visit huddled up to me, presumably because he felt safe that way. He also didn't need persuading to go back in the travel crate. Funny that.

Neither of them displayed any signs of fleas - finally! - so the Stronghold seems to be doing its job, hooray! :)