Why do reds turn cerise on camera?!


instead of

Okay, perhaps not the best exampes, as you can clearly tell the difference in brightness as I was experimenting with white balance and ISO to try to achieve something that looked something remotely similar to the real thing. But these were easily found - and blatantly obvious - examples of the problem.

I have the camera on Landscape or Portrait or Close-up, i.e. with automatic settings, and take a picture of something red. It turns a bright cerise pink. And the thing that's supposed to be this cerise almost magenta colour (photo by Rico Design):

Ends up looking like ... this:

Which also looks wrong. I've taken photos of red tulips before and they've turned out pink - and that was with an entirely different camera.

Or take this:

This was the first attempt, after which I went "WTF?!" because it all sort of looks like one colour. After experimenting with settings on the camera followed by a bit of Photoshopping, it looks almost like it does in real life:

Yeah, there's both pink and purple in there, not just an orange blob.

The red spectrum and digital cameras are not particularly happy with one another. Especially not in broad daylight. Dafuq's wrong with it? :/