Best. Job ad. EVER.

This is a genuine job ad posted on Sweden's version of the Jobcentre Plus website in 2011. Translated from Swedish:

Masochistic web designer with delusions of grandeur

Published: 2011-08-10, Ad-ID: 1960097
Stockholm, 1 position
Application deadline: 2011-09-09

We are a small, young, hungry startup with great ambitions, and now we need to hire our first designer. We are looking for someone who has a genuine passion for design ? the kind of person who feels a shiver down their spine at the sight of unkerned character pairs and is skeptical about eating at a restaurant with an ugly menu.

You are expected to:
  • Understand, think and breathe UI/UX/usability
  • Quickly be able to transform everything you do to pixel perfect HTML + CSS that works in all browsers (big plus if you are good at Javascript as well)
  • Have started yesterday, or better still two months ago
  • Be able to fend off obnoxious programmers who meddle in your job
  • Not be afraid of new challenges (never designed an Android app before? You have until tomorrow)

We offer:
  • Unlimited number of unexpected tasks!
  • Unlimited unrealistic deadlines!
  • Creative freedom and responsibility
  • Fantastic 16th Century buildings at Skeppsbron in the Old Town
  • Flexible hours
  • Champagne and video games at all milestones

But the main thing we offer is the opportunity to be part of building a service that millions of people ? including your own friends ? probably soon will use and love (we are on track already). You will not be an easily replaceable part in a gigantic machinery, and you will not just help a multinational giant sell 0.2% more of their milk chocolate. Your work will be an absolutely essential part of what we do.

No bureaucracy. No dress code. No bullshit.

A love of Richard Cheese and German electro is not required, but it is recommended.

Interested? Please get in touch. You don’t fulfill all requirements? The kind of person we're looking for would not let themselves be stopped by that.

P.S. Are you also a social media geek who likes to be seen everywhere? And maybe also a good copywriter? Congratulations, the job is yours.

P.P.S. Applications without an attachment of a cat picture will not be accepted.

Just a shame it was in Stockholm.