Best "Out of Office" reply EVER

This is a genuine Out of Office message I received the other day. Amongst all the humdrum "I'm on annual leave", "I'm in a meeting", "I'm away" and so on, this one popped up and took me by surprise and delight. Bask in the awesomeness of:

I have gone to another solar system for a couple of weeks, so due to a combination of distance, time-dilation effects and incompatible broadband services, I won't be able to read e-mails until I am back within the asteroid belt. I anticipate that this will be about the 6th of June (Earth time)

Please send any urgent queries to [deleted] who will hopefully be remaining on the planet

Next time I'm out of the office, I need to write something better than "I'm out of the office and I'm back (date)". The gauntlet has definitely been thrown.