Shopping Feedback - The Knight Shop

Here's a few things I got recently from The Knight Shop, a place in Wales that have all manner of weird and wonderful things. I could have gotten my wedding dress from there, because they used to sell it, but I didn't realise until months after I had already bought it ... from the US. I've posted product reviews on their site, but thought I may as well post it here too. :)

Coat of Arms print -A4 - 1/5

You get a textured paper with a print that looks like it was badly drawn in MS Paint (or possibly extremely cheap ClipArt) and printed on a bog-standard low-resolution inkjet printer. Very disappointed with it and it's definitely NOT worth £15 for a printed piece of paper in a postal tube. If I had seen what it would look like beforehand (the photo used to show the product doesn't look that bad in comparison), I wouldn't even have paid £5. This was supposed to be a nice birthday present, but the recipient was as unimpressed with it as I was. Would NOT recommend.

It also doesn't come with a picture frame, which for that price, you'd expect (although product specs points out that frame is NOT included), but I got a cheap but decent one from Wilkos.

Roman Lamp - 3/5

Good-looking lamp for a candle (not a tealight), the wooden handle makes it reminiscent of a beer jug, and it directs the candle light in a very nice way. You'll need a fairly short candle, as it's not very high, and be careful with the metal top - it will become scorching hot very quickly (not to mention sooty underneath, but you can't see that), so be careful around children.

Due to the nature of the horn and brass, they don't exactly fit snugly together and am a bit afraid it will break if I tried fastening the clasp on the front properly. The bottom fell out when I tried fitting the candle (which seemed to burn down in record time for some reason - will try a different make of candle), was it meant to do that to make it easier to fit the candle? It fit together again no problem. The candle also went out when moving the lamp (the wick was above the horn bit), but I guess it's down to technique. One of the pointy bits of the brass decoration is slightly bent outwards, but it might bend back.

Price tag is a bit high (£42). Definitely too high for something mass-produced, but if it's all handmade, it's still a bit high, but understandable. All in all, it looks good and produces a nice light - just be aware of the top getting hot and that the bottom may fall out when fitting the candle.

Wine Chest - 3 Bottles - 4/5

Nice-looking wooden box that looks fairly sturdy and rustic and for a decent price too (£15). My only comment would be that it's slightly too short to fit a 2L plastic bottle (unless you lay it diagonally, but then you can't fit anything else) but that's not the intended sort of bottle anyway. And of course, you could use it for all manner of things, not just bottles, as it's quite roomy.

With the flat rate shipping of £8 within the UK, it's great if you're ordering a lot or ordering bulky/heavy items (and there are plenty of things there that I'd class as "OMG, I want one!" especially when it comes to the clothes). If you just want the coat of arms print, which probably costs a maximum of £1 to send, you're not as lucky. That's why I ended up looking around for more things while I was at it. I'll see if I can take a picture of the piece of paper just to show how bad it actually is.