Neither Christian, nor Fascist!

You are 0% Christian!

Please don't be offended by my quiz! If you don't know what it means to be a Christian it is simply living like Christ as much as is humanly possible. Being a Christian means giving your heart to God and living for Him according to His Word. He commands us to go to church, to dress modestly, to study His Word and to Pray... If you are a Child of God, or if you are Saved, which means that you have repented of your sins, then you are still saved regardless of what your percentage as a Christian is. Plus, this is a quiz I made up at a whim and does not neccessarily reflect what your actual percentage is. Only God knows and I am not a judge. I just wanted to do something that was spiritually educational!!!

What Percentage Christian are You?
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You are 0% fascist

You are not fascist at all. You support a diverse, multicultural community where all citizens are treated with reverence and dignity. You are determined to uproot prejuidices and correct unessecary evils before they evolve into dangerous situations. You are very suspicious and skeptical of government and religion.

How Fascist Are You?
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