Efinancial spam calls

So, there it is again. The phone rings. It's someone who does not have English as a first language, yet they keep saying they have very very English-sounding names. Yesterday, it was "Sean", today, it was "Matthew". I bet they're calling from somewhere in India. Outsourcing ftw. :]

Our home phone number is listed with the Telephone Preference Service. It means, unless we're a client of theirs or have expressed our written consent for them to contact us, they're not allowed to. Yet they're the ones who keep calling us again and again! Most of the other spam calls we used to get have ceased, but they're not giving up. They still want to offer us mortgage deals and sound slightly perplexed as to why on earth we're not interested in this when we - politely - tell them to bugger off.

Yesterday, I told "Sean" we're not interested and that they shouldn't be calling. "Matthew" was harder to get rid of - maybe he's worked there for longer and has lost a little more of his soul than "Sean" has. I don't know. I had to explain that a) we're listed with TPS, therefore, they're not allowed to call us unless we're a client of theirs (which I pointed out we were not, and had no plans on ever becoming), and b) we do not do business over the phone. It's not exactly rocket science. This time, I googled for some kind of address and reported two American companies by the name of "Efinancials" (eFinancial Services and Efinancials LLC, the latter have actually been sued for email spamming, so my money's on them) to the TPS.

When ("if" is not the option with these people) they call again, I'll try and get the company's URL, which means they should be easier to track down than just the name, as the name's a bit elusive. Getting the company's phone number and address details from the call centre minions tend to be a lost cause, you see. I've tried that before. Doesn't work.

But hey, maybe one day, when searching for "efinancial spam calls", this blog entry will show up, and at least then that person will know they're not alone. Also, hopefully, they'll know if I've managed to track the right Efinancial mortage brokers down and if they've stopped calling...