Monday Rant

It's been a bad day
Please don't take a picture
It's been a bad day, please

Today is supposed to be a shit day. The post xmas credit card debts mixed with bad weather and you feel pants. Well, credit cards are under control and far away from the credit limit but yes, they do suffer from post-xmas stress. Weather is not the most inspiring either. Windy as hell and not just like a nice spring-type day like there was last week, where yes it was windy, but the winds were kinda warm ("not-so-cold" rather), but today, those winds were icy. Great.

Woke up with the very same headache that started to creep up on me last night (which had been nice enough to leave me on Friday night), as well as a sore throat. Sure, I might be off the hook now with work, seeing as I have managed to get through two months without having days off sick which means I don't have to attend a "stage 2 meeting" just yet; but that's not the point. F***ing Monday.

It just feels like one of those days. Thursday wasn't too fab either for a couple of reasons. Got phoned up about a job - good pay and the person who was giving up the position had seen my CV and decided I would be a very good candidate for the role - great, she would email me info. Did I get any? No. I thought "maybe tomorrow" - no. As I got home today and I still hadn't received an email from her, I phoned up. She had been busy, which I can understand, fair enough. She sent me an email. I read it. I wasn't so happy anymore. My MS Access experience consists of opening it twice in X years and going "err... okay... umm... Quit", another MS program I had never even heard of, some abbreviations that made no sense to me whatsoever, and VBA script which I have a vague idea has something to do with Visual Basic. My knowledge of VB is "dat fing you can open in Excel, innit?" Apparently, training would be provided, so okay, shoot.

What pissed me off was a certain comment I got from a friend over MSN. That I should say that I don't really have any Access experience but I'm dedicated and willing to learn "and basically... lie". Excuse me? To say I don't have experience is true. Dedication and willingness to learn is also true. Which I pointed out. The reply, I think, was meant to read "blah blah blah is all I have to say". Thank you for that vote of confidence.

It's frustrating to be called up by some recruitment agency who have seen your CV and say you'd be great as whatever it is they're offering, and then you don't hear from them again. Even one, who I could contact back, didn't bother. That makes you feel like you're worth a lot. Can't even be bothered to say I won't be called for an interview. How does hating your job and trying to find a new one, but you don't really have any qualifications or talents to be able to have a chance in hell of getting that really cool job you'd so much enjoy make you feel? And the only qualification you do have is for a business which you're not even sure you'd want to work with, nor is it in the line of business where they need new people regularly. How long can you keep looking for a decent job before going mad or hitting the wall with depression (or getting fired) because your whole body screams at you every time you walk through the doors at your current job but you can't find a new job either because no one wants to hire you? It makes you feel fantastic. Absolutely top of the world.

So yeah, I feel wonderful. At least crying makes your nose clear up. Which I will do now. I need a tissue and then I'm going to sleep, as I obviously need some.