Please Deposit Trash

Update 1
Okay, so that didn't happen. As such. Well, I did hand it in. Half an hour later, we went to a meeting with some of the higher-up people who were curious to know what we thought of their Shiny New Idea of what we could get up to in our department. And I suggested part-timers could be an idea, but that doesn't work, because you can't move to a new country only on a part-time wage... So I said "Well, I live here anyway and have just handed in my notice, but..." To cut a boring story short: I now work part time. Yay! I can get out and go home when everyone else goes to lunch, and I still have an income, and it's paid slightly better than all other part time jobs I've come across. It works. Keeps me sane.

Update 2
Yes, I am doing the ACT2 course, as a matter of fact. :) Totally worth it every minute and every penny! Second weekend is coming up next week, and I'm really looking forward to it. Still haven't even got a provisional drivers licence. There's always tomorrow...

Anyway, the reason why I'm writing today is because of something that pissed me off on the bus home. I get on the bus, no spaces downstairs, so go upstairs, sit down... and across the aisle is a bloke who looks a wee bit... well, like he's had a rough couple of days or so. I think to myself, someone's sure been smoking... in fact, the smell is so prominent I come to the conclusion that someone must actually be smoking right at that minute. Guess who? Shaggy, opening the window where he is and I see him trying to hide the smoking of what's left of his cigarette.

I think "What part of of NO SMOKING does he not understand?" but the answer is blatantly obvious, or else he wouldn't be smoking on a non-smoking bus. So that got me going a bit. He also had a mobile phone, so if he was a bum, he must've been a well classy one. I don't know, I didn't ask.

He also turned out to have a beer can, which he finished off and tucked behind the metal bar in front of him. Which gets me going again. Why is it so f***ing difficult to deposit trash?! There's a trashcan downstairs in the bus, you can bin it on the way out! But no. And it's very telling of today's society. No one gives a shit. "I'll smoke on a non-smoking bus, sure, and my trash? Why should I care?" Always someone to pick up after you, so you don't have to take any personal responsibility at all, so that we all, like house cats, can remain being kittens throughout adulthood.

I would elaborate on this subject, but I'm knackered and have to go to bed.